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Foolproof Guide to Writing a Hook for a Research Paper

Writing a good academic paper is an art. The writer, therefore, needs to figure out appropriate strategies that will make the whole paper interesting to read. Among the creative ways of making a paper catchy is using hooks at the beginning of the paper. The hook plays a significant role in making the reader want to keep reading your paper to the end. This guide will give you useful insights about research paper hooks, including how you can apply a hook for research paper, among other details.

Types of hooks for research papers

Not any hook can fit in every context. Since we have different academic papers, there are hooks that can apply to a given paper but fail to fit in another paper. Also, the different types of hooks in writing academic papers depend on the nature of the topic. The following are good hooks for research papers examples you can apply to different essays based on the type of topic you are covering:

Quotation hook

In books and other online sources, you will find memorable and interesting quotes from famous people. These quotes carry a deep meaning in a given context. Therefore, while a good quote will grab the attention of the reader automatically, make sure you define and explain the context of the quote in relation to what you are writing about.

Note: do not choose any quote and fix it in your paper. Any quote you choose should add value and a good argument to your paper, making the whole paper meaningful.

Question hook

Using questions in essays is among the common types of hooks that bring out the context of the paper quite well. A good question hook will immediately trigger the reader’s attention, making the reader want to read more to find possible answers to the question.

Therefore, choose an open-ended question (not a no or yes type of question), leaving the reader with no option other than reading the whole essay to find the answer and explore more about the topic.

Statistic hook

This type of hook gives the reader important/true information or facts about something. While the fact can be hard to believe from the word go, you need to explain the other significant pins throughout the paper, supporting each point with solid evidence and making the reader come to terms with the statistical fact you included in your paper.

Statement hook

A statement hook is simply a solid argument or your point of view based on the topic you are covering. Such a solid statement is a perfect hook as it will make the reader want to find out more details about the topic and why you declared your argument through the statement. A good statement will make the reader want to align with your argument or dispute your claims, and they can only do this by reading the whole essay to decide which part to choose.

Anecdotal hook

An Anecdotal hook is more of a personal description of a given experience. This hook type is often longer than the others. The only thing you need to consider is that the narration should align with what the topic is about. The purpose of such a hook is to arouse emotional feelings, making the reader want to connect your personal experience with what you’ve written in the essay.

How to write a good hook for a research paper

Do you want to become a pro essay writer by using creative hooks for research papers? Well, use the tips outlined below:

  • Review research paper hook examples

Based on the nature of your topic and course, you will definitely find similar papers from different sources. Review such papers to understand how the writer managed to captivate the reader’s attention through different hooks.

  • Practice consistently

Consistent practice will help you master using research paper hooks under different topics or contexts. Therefore, make it a habit to try varied topics while using different hooks under different scenarios. With time, you will realize you can apply a hook to any topic naturally without struggling to make the hook fit in the context.


Hooks are a significant part of writing research and academic papers. If you imagined how to spice up your upcoming essay, use the insights in this guide and improve your essay performance.

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