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“Write quickly and you will never write well; write well, and you will soon write quickly.”

― Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Writing an Academic Paper

Being able to generate ideas and formulate a concept through writing is a skill many people have. On a daily basis, we often write different ideas to meet specific objectives. For instance, Facebook updates and posts are one way of writing, writing a letter to a friend is another form of writing, and filling a diary is another form of writing as well. In this case, however, the main objective is to highlight academic papers writing insights and how you can bring out a well written paper for academic purposes.

Why is academic writing important?

Academic writing is an important part of a student’s life. That is why tutors spend time and use resources to teach students the best academic writing approaches. The tutors then assign students academic writing assignments to weigh their understanding of a given context.

Although many students write academic paper majorly to get good grades, writing academic papers is important as the action help students in the following ways:

  • Improving research skills

A properly crafted academic paper relies heavily on in-depth research. Through the writing processes, students get to learn the concept of using different materials and how to find them for research, therefore, improving their research capabilities.

  • Analytical thinking

Creative and analytical thinking are essential skills in our daily lives. Through academic writing, students develop creative and analytical thinking because they have to gather information and present it to the reader in a meaningful manner. Such skills are significant in life, especially in work environments where there is a need for good communication skills.

  • Enhancing professionalism

Through academic writing, students learn how to become professionals. Academic papers usually come with a set of instructions, and when a student is able to follow the instructions carefully and produce a good paper, it gives them a sense of professional fulfillment, a move that prepares them for their future careers.  

Types of academic papers

Academic papers come in different forms. You can order any of them in reliable writing service: Based on the level of the student’s study or course, they can write academic papers under the following categories:

Descriptive papers

These academic papers provide an in-depth description of something using simple language, easy for the audience to understand. It can be about a person, a place, or a process.

Exposition Papers

Expository academic papers have one ultimate goal; to explain something or an important issue to the audience.

Narrative papers

When writing narrative essay papers, the main objective is to inform the audience through narration on the happenings of an event that happened before.

Persuasion Papers

Persuasive papers are based on viewpoints. You simply have a given topic, figure out a strong point to support one side, then provide facts that will make the reader align with your thoughts and facts. These types of academic papers are also known as argumentative essays, usually assigned to college students more often.

Tips on writing a paper

As you learn to write paper, the following tips will come in handy to ensure you produce a well-written paper, easy to read and comprehend while following the basic guidelines put in place.

  1. Always read the instructions first

Academic writing tasks come in different forms. Even if you’ve mastered the structuring of such papers, make sure you review and understand the guidelines first before you begin the research process. You can never know if some basic guidelines have changed based on the teacher’s or institute’s preference.

  1. Choose a good topic

The basis of a good paper relies on good research. Therefore, for your research to be successful, you need to have a researchable topic for your paper.

  1. Do good research

A compelling academic paper requires you to do exclusive research to find relevant information backed up with evidence. Therefore, make sure you gather enough research materials to compare the credibility of the information you need to present in your paper. In any case, every significant point should always have supported evidence.


Do you always struggle with writing academic papers? Or do you always view academic writing as a complex task? Well, that shouldn’t be the case always. You simply need to understand the whole academic writing concept and put in appropriate measures, as highlighted in this guide, for a quality paper.